Gaslight Anthem Tour Posters. Signed on Springsteen holy ground.

Gaslight Anthem Tour Posters. Signed on Springsteen holy ground.

The ’59 Sound 10th Anniversary Autographed Tour Poster

The Gaslight Anthem got back together this summer to celebrate their greatest moment. The ’59 Sound is the band at its best as can be heard on the 10th anniversary box set. The lucky few got to see them play the album in its entirety on a short but sweet US tour this summer all of which culminated at the Stone Pony.

Springsteen fans will recognize the Jersey Shore venue as the stomping ground of a young Bruce.

Gaslight has been described as a punk Springsteen, telling American blue-collar stories with an aggressive push.

So ending the tour at Asbury Park’s Stone Pony was particularly poetic to any Jersey rock fan.

That same fan would appreciate the dedication Gaslight Anthem has shown towards Ernie of Hellgate Industries.

Throughout his career Brian Fallon has turned to Ernie to create tour posters for both Gaslight and his solo career. For the 10th anniversary tour, Ernie created 3 visuals: Grandmother’s Clock, Miles Davis and ¬†Boardwalk Talks. All of which sold out immediately. ¬†No surprise to the illustrator. It was also no surprise to see them turn up on re-seller sites like eBay for hundreds of dollars over their original sale price.

Having known the 10th anniversary mech would draw a bigger price tag than most, Hellgate and the Gaslight Anthem held back the #1 print of each poster and all four members of the band signed the posters during their 3-night stint at the Stone Pony.

Up for auction.

Now Ernie is auctioning off the Gaslight Anthem tour posters on eBay to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Big up to Hellgate.

First up in the series is Grandmother’s Clock and you can bid on it here.