A brief and incomplete list of people who might want the Rolling Stones Studio Album Vinyl Collection 1971-2016

A brief and incomplete list of people who might want the Rolling Stones Studio Album Vinyl Collection 1971-2016

The first thing that came to mind when I heard about The Rolling Stones Studio Album Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 was who would need this? At $450 US, this is for the serious fan.

Few bands, maybe none, can offer a box set so phat with material.

15 albums, it spans from the sublime Sticky Fingers to Blue and Lonesome. The limited edition set boast original packaging, very cool for Some Girls and Sticky. Less so for more recent pieces like Bigger Bag. It just wasn’t conceived in a time when album art mattered.

But wouldn’t the real fan already have Sticky Fingers. Hell you probably even went for the remastered commemorative edition that came out last week. Well 3 years ago-ish, but you follow. And if you’re a real fan, you did the same for the Some Girls re-issue. You’ve gone deep and picked up Goats Head Soup and It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll. On the right night, you’ll stick on Black and Blue commemorating Ron Wood’s first as an official Stone. And let’s face it, all of us who bought Dirty Work the first time have lived to regret it.

Yes this is a bespoke limited edition. And I promise I will never use the word bespoke on this site again. There is the original sleeve art and inserts. Do you remember before the distractions of Insta+Face+LikeMe when you’d sit absorbing the album’s sleeve lyrics as the vinyl spun? And I get why you’d like to smell that freshly unpacked Some Girls all over again.

But just the same, I need to ask you, what self-respecting Rolling Stone fan needs the latest box set?

After some thought, I’ve come up with a list of some possible candidates.

The Regretter

After years of ignoring your wife’s demands to get rid of your old vinyls that were collecting dust in the basement, you sold your original version of Tatoo You at a garage sale. A year later, vinyls resurgence caused you and a your wife to sleep in separate beds and you are getting your collection back.

The Vinyl Virgin 

You never owned any vinyl and have always wondered what it would be like to fall asleep to the b-side of Steel Wheels. Only to be woken up by the needle knocking up against the label.

The Fanatic 

You’ve bought everything they have ever put out and to stop now would kill you.

The audiophile

You’re a connoisseur who understands the significance of half-speed remastering and heavyweight 180-gram black vinyl of The Rolling Stones Studio Album Collection 1971-2016.

To be honest I know little to nothing about the formats, but here is a guy who does. 

Fit the bill? You can find the collection here.